Cosplay Lessons Learned

Hi, Admin K here! As I’ve said, I’ve been cosplaying for quite a few years, and while those years have been fun, I have also learned quite a few lessons… The hard way. So here is a quick list I compiled of things I’ve learned through cosplaying:

  1. Always, ALWAYS bring some extra bobby pins. Wigs, particularly longer ones, like to slip and slide. I never really had a problem with this (since I always cosplayed characters with short hair, or didn’t wear a wig at all) until I cosplayed Fluttershy. I had to keep fixing that wig because it was so long and, therefore, really heavy! In some pictures I could see that it was starting to slide off and it was SO EMBARRASSING.
  2. If you’re cosplaying a troll from Homestuck, BE SURE TO PUT THE MAKEUP ON BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR COSPLAY ON. When I cosplayed Nepeta, I did the opposite of this and I got gray paint all over by clothing. Even worse, it showed in the pictures, especially on my shirt. 
  3. Heels really suck, and though I haven’t worn real HEELS during a convention (unlike my poor baby Admin M), I have worn something close to heels. That being said, always be sure to bring a spare change of shoes. “But it doesn’t match my cosplay!” That’s understandable, but you really don’t want to ruin your feet for the sake of cosplay. If anything, try to stay in heels as long as you can if your cosplay calls for it, but if walking becomes unbearable, be sure to change your shoes.
  4. Bring extra makeup, especially if you’re cosplaying a troll. Makeup wears off, and it’s always better to bring extra makeup to touch up. This is pretty much a given, haha.
  5. Bringing an extra change of clothes (or an extra cosplay, even) never hurt anyone either, even if it’s not a cosplay. When I cosplayed Nepeta, I ended up changing halfway through the day into my Lil’ Cal cosplay because I was DYING in that jacket. 
  6. Be mindful of who you hug! This sounds really silly, but since I know people like giving cosplayers hugs at conventions, you always need to be careful when you hug them. I don’t mean to nitpick at the troll cosplayers, but you guys especially. When I cosplayed Nepeta, I had to be SUPER careful when I hugged people because I didn’t want all that gray paint wearing off on their clothes. Even when I was cosplaying Cal I was careful, since I had that makeup on my cheeks and my mouth.
  7. Before you go into the convention, it’s always a good idea to look what restaurants are around. A lot of the times, conventions are held in places where there are either no restaurants in the facility or all the restaurants IN the facility are ridiculously overpriced. The last convention I went to, Ikkicon, had two or three restaurants within the convention center but they were all ridiculously overpriced. My friend, Rachel, ended up paying six dollars for—I kid you not—six tiny fried pickles. Luckily for us, there were other restaurants around.
  8. And, of course, bring snacks and water. I’ve never really had a problem with this, but it’s still a good thing to know!

-Admin K